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All Paddle Australia courses contain a trip planning component that is submitted and assessed.  I am available now to assist you with teaching and assessment of your Trip Plan so this aspect of the award can be completed.

Activities that are still OK

Here in Western Australia paddlers can still get out on the water to keep up a healthy exercise schedule.  You can paddle with up to 10 people  (so long as 1.5m social distancing is maintained).  Sea Kayak Club WA is not back up and operating yet, but we are talking about plans for a comeback!  Members are going on social paddles in small groups.

Now is a good time to update your logbook using the PaddleLog App 

You can also research what is required for Paddling Awards, do some online learning & start working on building your knowledge, understanding & skills:

PA Intro to Sea Skills Award

PA Sea Skills Award

PA Sea Leader

PA Sea Guide

​PA Sea Instructor

Get out on the water with the skills you need!

Sea School provides individual and small group lessons customised to meet your needs. It's evolving right now to meet COVID19 challenges:

  • Paddle Australia Certified Sea Courses

  • Online Presentations - For Classes & Homeschoolers 

  • ​Paddle Planning Essentials

  • Beginner to Advanced Tuition

  • Rescue Skills to Keep You Safe

  • Recognition of Prior Learning

  • Assistance compiling Paddle Logs

  • Personalised Programs at Your Pace

  • School Group Lessons

  • Equipment Survey & Maintenance

  • Personalised Guiding

  • Assisting with Transition to Instructor Level

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