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Retracing the Oskar Speck Journey

"Living simply out of a kayak, I have found out that there are many things in life that we can do without, but dreams are not one of those things", Sandy Robson

On Nov 2, 2016 - Sandy Robson completed kayaking 23000kms of the historic Oskar Speck route from Germany to Australia!

The grand finale took place on Saibai Island, the northernmost island in Australia's Torres Strait

Who is Oskar Speck?
German kayaker Oskar Speck set out in a folding kayak on the Danube River in 1932.  Seven years, several kayaks and many thousands of kilometres later, he landed in Australian waters. Inspired by what has to be the most amazing kayak journey of all time, Sandy Robson has just finished retracing the Speck route across the world in a kayak.  This page is where you find out more about the journey.

A new chapter in this adventure has now begun.  Sandy is currently writing a book about her expedition and describes it as  the book that Oskar Speck never got to write.  It is a compilation of stories from the journey, interspersed with stories from Oskar Speck and sourced from the Speck collection in the Australian National Maritime Museum, along with stories from people who had met Oskar Speck during his expedition and later when he settled and lived in Australia.

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