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Retracing the Oskar Speck Journey

NOW PADDLING - Stage 5 - Around PNG to Australia

A few years ago someone told me about a kayaker who paddled all the way from Germany to Australia.

Oskar Speck set out in a folding kayak on the Danube River in 1932.  Seven years, several kayaks and many thousands of kilometres later, he landed in Australian waters. Inspired by what has to be the most amazing kayak journey of all time, I am retracing the Speck route across the world in a kayak.  This website is where you can follow my paddle strokes.  Living simply out of a kayak, I have found out that there are many things in life that we can do without, but dreams are not one of those things.  Funding a five and a half year journey across the seas is an ambitious task in itself though, and I really need more sponsors to keep the expedition afloat.  If you would like to help to make this dream a reality please donate a little to help keep the expedition going.

I am up to Stage 5: I will take 5-6 months to paddle around Papua New Guinea to Daru
and then cross to culminate the expedition at Saibai Island in the Torres Strait, Australia.  
To follow the journey story please check out the BLOG page.
You can also follow me on the Expedition Dashboard and on Facebook.

"I am not afraid of Pirates, but I am afraid of not having enough Sponsors"

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